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Over 60,000 fuel stations in India on major arteries. Automoto plans to create Fuel stations as” Retail cum Service Destination” in cities, highways and rural areas. Additionally, Standalone locations (min size of 5,000 sq. ft.) on major road arteries as well as at Communities would. Core offering will be around Automobiles covering the entire range from 2 Wheelers to large trucks and beyond. Non Core would include courier, café, shared office space, ]marts etc. Customised offering at each pump based on location study and site dynamics. Automoto is in discussions with PSU and Private Oil marketing companies for a framework agreement initially in South India and subsequently a Pan India Roll Out. Roll-Out Plan would be through franchising where the franchisee investments, own and runs the operations. Roll Out Plan envisages reaching over 1,000 outlets within 5 years across South India.

  • Umbrella Offering – Covering Current and Future Requirement
  • Comprehensive range of offering focused at repeated quick service, minor repairs and automotive after care;
  • Service offering to cover entire Range of Automobile;
  • Developing exclusive relations with OEM, lubrications company, Autoparts and other players.
  • Future focus built in with EV charging, sales, BS IV, IOT etc.; and
  • Complimentary offering covering Non – Automotive.
  • Client Reach Out & Convenience
  • Provision of Omni channel of online (web/ mobile etc.) & offline model
  • Focus on developing a long term trust relationship with customers as opposed a transaction relationship.
  • Developing extensive client database including mapping out location-wise client mix such as Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Manufacturing sectors, and developing relationship with owners and decision makers;
  • Employing Relationship Managers for Key Clients & Large Fleet owners to service current requirement;
    Talent Pool – Creating an entrepreneurial employee first company with strong customer focusable
  • Attracting and retaining high performing talent pool by providing better than market compensation and career growth opportunities;
  • Strong emphasis on technical and soft skill training to enhance client interaction
  • Having a diverse revenue generation pool from customers
    Leveraging Technology & Medial
  • Strong emphasis on technology to covering process, automation and provision of tools to support customer relationship management
  • Use of social media such as Facebook, Instragram, twitter etc.
  • Using IOT having GPS trackers, OBD scanner etc. to get real time information
    Franchisee Focused Growth Model
  • Creating a Multi Revenue Stream to minimise risk and optimise revenues
  • Optimisation of Capex and Opex
  • Faster Break Even
  • Futuristic outlook with continue change
  • Strong Involvement with Franchisee in developing and executing the business plan



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