Services offered

Air Conditioning

Refrigerant Check

Checking of refrigerant levels to ensure effective cooling is taking place.

Refrigerant Top up

Reflling / topup of refrigerants.

A/C Kare

Complete Bleeding of A/C system and checking for possible leakages , change of all O-Rings , and refill of Refridgerant.

Compressor Vacuuming

Extracting all moisture content within the A/c system thereby bleeding it to create a vacuum chamber avoiding all impurities.

UV leak detect

The quickest way to find out a leak of refridgerant in the system by injecting UV dye based gas and using ultraviolet lights to detect possible leaks within or outside the car.

Moto Air Quality Inspection

Checking of impurities in breathable conditioned air to make the customer aware of the potential hazards and risks involved around it.