Services offered

Connected Car Solutions


Implementation of OBD devices with inbuilt GPS and Internet hotspot.

  • Vehicle Diagnostics and Remote error code reading
  • Emergency assist and vehicle crash detection
  • Pin Point road side assistance
  • Driving analytics and Behavior
  • Live Vehicle Parking and Geo fencing
  • SOS functions with emergency dialing
  • Coolant Temperature Monitoring
  • Air Intake Temperature Monitoring
  • Fast Tag Integration
  • Vehicle E- Document attachment of RC/Insurance/PUC
  • Electronic Speed Limiter
  • Engine Oil Analytics
  • Battery Analytics
  • Remote Security
  • Remote Engine Start /Stop
  • Route Optimization
  • Real time Driver analytics for Insurance Providers
  • Fuel Quantity & Quality monitoring
  • Air Intake Quality monitoring
  • Brake fluid and Coolant level detectio

Implementation of Tire Pressure monitoring caps to sync with in-house app

  • Slow Leak Detection of tires
  • Real Time tire warning of low pressure
  • Real time Tire Temperature Monitor
  • Improper wheel balance detection
  • Tire tread wear pattern
  • Wheel Rotation intimation
  • Tire Analytics
Secure 360 ™ Dash Cam
Secure 360 ™ Dash Cam

Implementation of Smart 360 degree camera with App

  • Continuous 360 degree recording against Theft , Accidents, breakdowns or other accidents
  • Crash or theft detection by motion sensors
  • Can also be used as Dash Cam
  • Proof for police complaint or Insurance
  • Anti – Collision Alerts
  • Inbuilt Air Ionizer/ Air Purifier
  • Inbuilt Air Quality monitoring
  • Parking Assist
  • Parking time monitor
  • Fatigue assist
Find Me ™ Key locator

Implementation of Smart Key Chain with app

  • Real time tracking of car keys etc.
  • If the keys are in your pocket it can be used as your monitor for footsteps etc.
  • Loud alerts incase you miss and find mode on app
 Find Me ™  Key locator